Tractor Scraper Tanker

Tractor Scraper Tanker

If you have a tractor scraper just sitting around collecting dust, we’ll help you put it to better use. Klein Products pioneered the idea of converting tractor scrapers to tractor-pulled water tankers — and our innovative Tractor Scraper Tanker is now recognized as the superior product in its class by mining and construction companies worldwide.

Our Tractor Scraper Tankers utilize the existing power unit and back end of your scraper, but the scraper bowl is replaced with a tanker, creating a high-quality water distribution machine that delivers the proven value Klein Products is known for. No matter what type of tractor scraper you have, we can convert it for you or ship you a kit to do it yourself.

  • Patented TRAP tank shape (a Klein Products innovation) for improved capacity, durability and weight distribution. Enhanced safety through a lower center of gravity and increased visibility.
  • Built with custom Klein Products components developed specifically for heavy construction and mining environments
  • Available for all brands and sizes of tractor scrapers
  • Order as a kit or have Klein Products perform the full installation

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